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Double Head Automatic Pouch Packing Machine (PP-301 MT)

The Double Head Automatic Pouch Packing Machine (PP-301 MT) that we bring to you is impeccable on counts of quality, performance, reliability and workability. We make sure that the placed order is delivered on time.

More about Double Head Automatic Pouch Packing Machine (PP-301 MT) :

  • PP 301 MT is an Automatic Twin Head Form Seal Packing machine designed for space and cost saving with output of two FFS Machine. Individual control gives independent machine setting and operation facility. The machine can be coupled with volumetric filling system as per the product requirement.
  • Change over from one size to another size is possible with standard charges parts, which extends the machine utility and enhance productivity.


Attachments : Volumetric / Gravimetric filling system depending on the product haracteristics.

Optional :

  • On line Batch Coding device.
  • Nitrogen Flushing Attachment.

Technical Specifications

Machine Model C Pack 3000 C Pack 1500 C Pack 800
Output Upto 50 Pkt / min Upto 25 Pkt / min Upto 12 Pkt / min
Manpower One Operator One Operator One Operator
Size Change Over Possible Possible Possible
Pack Size
Carton Dimension - mm Min Max Min Max Min Max
Length 60 150 60 150 60 200
Width 22 108 22 108 22 108
Height 83 230 83 230 83 250
Machine Dimension * 2.5 m x 3.5 m 2.5 m x 3.0 m 2.5 m x 2.75 m
Electric Power 12 kW 440 V/ 50 Hz /3 Phse 10 kW 440 V/ 50 Hz /3 Phse 8 kW 440 V/ 50 Hz /3 Phse
Compressed Air Only required when electronic weighing system or other Pneumatic attachments are provided.